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Dawn of War II: Elite Mod

Unfortunately, this page has been abandoned several years ago. Most of the data here is outdated. Visit Elite Mod Forum for the newest info and get in touch with its community.

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Elite Mod Codex Data

Dow2 button space marines GKsym Dow2 button orks Dow2 button eldar Dow2 button tyranids Dow2 button chaos Dow2 button ig

Elite Mod Data (Old Version)

Percentages indicate how close each section is to being complete.
90% 80% 0% 10% 25% 90% 0%
Space Marines Grey Knights Orks Eldar Tyranids Chaos Space Marines Imperial Guard
  • Unit upgrades
  • Hero wargear

Read first:

Update: April 28, 2013

Patch 2.1 Final has been released and will now be the source for all data entries. Eldar are currently on hold until Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines and Grey Knights have been updated. I'm prioritizing having existing entries being accurate and up to date over adding new ones. Apologies for this new delay any Eldar fans out there.

This wiki section is currently under construction and therefore not necessarily accurate at this time. The Retribution framework is used as a base and for this reason the data displayed here may not necessarily be accurate for Dow2:Elite! For accurate and up to date information as well as discussion forums please visit the Dawn of War Codex.

When sections are verified to be accurate and up to date they will be marked as such!Elite Mod (Elite for short) is a multiplayer mod for Dawn of War II: Retribution and features a multitude of changes including:

  • Re-balancing of all factions with tweaks and changes to units, wargear, abilities and globals.
  • New units and abilities for all factions
  • Changes to some of the core gameplay mechanics for multiplayer

Core changes from retail Dow2:Retribution

  • Infantry pathfiding values tweaked
  • HQ aura now grants 50% damage resistance to allied infantry:
  • 'Nuking' someone's base with a powerful global and chasing targets into base is now less rewarding, battles should be won or lost out on the battlefield!
  • Fall Back now removes Distort Field effects
  • Fall Back now removes Assail effects
  • Fall Back now increases melee skill by 50
  • No more failing to wipe a retreating squad because of defensive abilities or your commander deciding to do a special attack!
  • Grenades generally do 90% damage to retreating units (instead of 100%)
  • Barrage_pvp damage against infantry_fire_resist decreased from 1 to 0.3
  • Inferno_pvp damage against buildings increased from 0.1 to 0.2 and against light/defence/ig_turret increased from 0.2 to 0.4
  • Note: Inferno_pvp is only dealt by Mark of Tzeentch CSM. Actual flamethrower type weapons (Flamers, Heavy flamers etc.) are unchanged.
  • Manticore_rocket damage against building_light decreased from 1 to 0.5
  • Charge abilities cannot knock back retreating units anymore

New faction

The most secretive and elite space marine chapter in the Imperium of Man join the fray. Enter Grey Knights.