Default abilities

Melee Resistance Aura   
Dow2 sta hardened armor Unit(s) Heroes and most melee units This unit always takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Does not affect damage from ranged weapons.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Warlock Energy Aura   
Dow2 wil battle lust Unit(s) Warlock (hero) Allied infantry and heroes within a radius of 15 from the Warlock regenerate energy 30% faster.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Dow2 wil focus mastery Unit(s) Farseer, all Warlocks Allied Wraithguard within a radius of 30 of the Farseer or Warlock have their speed increased by 1.5. However, Wraithguard within a radius of 25 when a squad leader Warlock dies are stunned for a short duration (2.5 to 5 seconds).
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Fleet of Foot   
Rt eld fleet of foot Unit(s) Various Eldar infantry Gain +3 speed for 10 seconds, but deliver 80% less ranged damage and 40% less melee damage for the duration. Howling Banshees with the Exarch also take 50% less ranged damage. Rt time 1635 second cooldown.
Requires Varies
Cost Dow2 energy 1640
Dow2 eld psychic blast Unit(s) Warlock Fires a roiling blast of psychic energy that does 54 grenade damage in radius 5.

Rt time 1640 second cooldown.
Requires Nothing
Cost Dow2 energy 1640

Global abilities

Webway Gate   
Dow2 eld webway gate icon Unit(s) All Eldar heroes Build an infiltrated Webway Gate that can transport infantry units. Webway Gates can also increase health or energy regeneration or cloak nearby units depending on which hero you have chosen. Webway Gates have a sight radius of 25.
Requires Tier 1
Cost Dow2 global 1650 Rt time 1615
Swift Movement   
Dow2 eld swift movement icon Unit(s) Warlock Increases the speed of all allied infantry by 2 for Rt time 1620 seconds. Does not decrease damage like Fleet of Foot.

Rt time 1650 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 1
Cost Dow2 global 1675
Distort Field   
Dow2 eld distort field icon Unit(s) Warlock Reduces the received ranged damage of an allied infantry unit by 50% for Rt time 1620 seconds.

Rt time 1650 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 1
Cost Dow2 global 1675
Summon Autarch   
Dow2r eld summon autarch Unit(s) All Eldar heroes Summons an Autarch commander after a barrage of 4 plasma grenades, each doing up to 110 grenade damage and weapon knockback in radius 4. Emits a passive defensive aura and inspires allied infantry when killing enemies. Can be returned to the global ability bar and re-summoned for only Dow2 global 16150.
Requires Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 16350 Dow2 pow 1650 Dow2 pop 167 Dow2 global 16150
Eldritch Storm   
Dow2 eld eldritch storm icon Unit(s) All Eldar heroes After a 4 second delay, unleashes a terrifying psychic storm that strikes 27 times, each bolt doing 200 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 6. Vehicles struck by a bolt are disabled for 14 seconds. Starting from the eye of the storm, 9 points are struck with 3 bolts, with a 0.5 second delay between points and a 0.3 second delay between bolts. The array of the storm is a rough octagon, with one point at the eye, and one point removed from the southwest quadrant and added to the northwest quadrant. Rt time 16120 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 3
Cost Dow2 global 16500

Wargear abilities

Immolate (Warlock)   
Dow2 eld immolate Unit(s) Warlock Engulfs an area of 7 radius within 40 range in wreathing flames, doing 15 ability flame damage every second for Rt time 167 seconds.

Rt time 1650 second cooldown.
Requires Immolator
Cost Dow2 energy 1650
Ethereal Slash   
Dow2 eld ethereal slash Unit(s) Warlock Slashes enemies with a myriad of ethereal blades. The Warlock attacks in each direction, doing 25 melee damage and weapon knockback in radius 5 along a line of length 12.5.

Rt time 1650 second cooldown.
Requires Witchblade of Kurnous
Cost Dow2 energy 1680
Psychic Shield   
Dow2 eld psychic shield Unit(s) Warlock Creates a psychic shield that causes damage to reduce energy rather than health. Shield strength is 5 damage taken per Dow2 energy 161 energy drained. While the shield is active the Warlock is immune to knockback.
Requires Champion's Robe
Cost Dow2 energy 161 per 5 damage
Cloaking Shroud   
Dow2 eld cloaking shroud Unit(s) Warlock Infiltrates allies in radius 15 around the Warlock and lowers their received ranged damage by 15% and received suppression by 30% for 15 seconds. The Warlock gains 50% lowered received ranged damage and 25% lowered received suppression. No cooldown.
Requires Cloak of Shadows
Cost Dow2 energy 1650
Dow2 eld providence Unit(s) Warlock Become invulnerable, immune to weapon knockback, and have energy regeneration increased by Dow2 energy 1625 per second for Rt time 1625 seconds. The Warlock's other ability cooldowns are reduced to 10% of normal if used while Providence is active. Ability charged by taking 450 damage.
Rt time 16150 second cooldown.
Requires Providence
Cost Dow2 energy 160 (must be charged)
Dow2 eld channel Unit(s) Warlock Forms a psychic bond with the targeted allied infantry unit, healing them for 15 health every second, increasing their damage done by 15% and increasing energy regeneration by 200% for Rt time 1615 seconds. The Warlock must remain stationary or the bond is broken.
Rt time 1660 second cooldown.
Requires Channeling Runes
Cost Dow2 energy 1650
Warp Throw   
Dow2 eld warp throw Unit(s) Warlock Throws enemy infantry in radius 12 of the target location into the targeted direction using weapon knockback.
Rt time 1660 second cooldown.
Requires Warp Throw
Cost Dow2 energy 1645
Heart of Darkness   
Dow2 eld heart of darkness Unit(s) Warlock Instantly restores 150 health and 65 energy to the Warlock. Ability charged by taking 300 damage.
Rt time 1660 second cooldown.
Requires Heart of Darkness
Cost Dow2 energy 160 (must be charged)
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