Adrenal Rush   
Dow2 tyr adrenal rush Unit(s) Genestealer Brood Releases adrenal stimulants that send the Genestealers into a frenzy for 10 seconds. Increases speed by 3, damage by 40%, and reduces received ranged damage by 45%. Melee attacks heal the Genestealers for 7% of their maximum health. 40 second cooldown.
Requires Default ability
Cost None
Assault Leap (Lictor)   
Dow2 tyr assault leap Unit(s) Lictor Soar through the air and land with a high impact, doing weapon knockback to any infantry in radius 10. 30 second cooldown.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 energy 1640
Assault Leap (Lictor Alpha)   
Dow2 tyr assault leap Unit(s) Lictor Alpha Soar through the air and land with a high impact, inflicting 35 damage and doing weapon knockback to everything in radius 10. 30 second cooldown.
Requires Deadly Jump
Cost Dow2 energy 1620
Basic Synapse   
Dow2 sta i shall not fall Unit(s) Greater Tyranid creatures Reduces the received ranged and melee damage, and received suppression of non-Warrior, non-hero Tyranids by 20%. Ranged damage reduction is increased to 24%/28%/31% at level 2/3/4. Also increases Tyrant Guard speed by 1.5 and makes Rippers immune to suppression. Radius 32.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Bio-Plasma (Carnifex)   
Dow2 tyr bioplasma Unit(s) Carnifex Hurls a blast of bio-plasma, doing up to 120 plasma cannon damage and weapon knockback in radius 5. 60 second cooldown. Note the orb of plasma moves faster in Elite mod than in retail.
Requires Venom Cannon
Cost None

Elite/Bio-Plasma (Hive Tyrant ability) Elite/Blade Flurry Elite/Burrow (Ravener Alpha) Elite/Burrow (Ravener Brood) Elite/Burrow Strike Elite/Burrow Trap (ability) Elite/Capillary Synapse Elite/Charge (Carnifex) Elite/Charge (Hive Tyrant) Elite/Corrosive Shots

Crippling Poison   
Dow2 tyr crippling poison Unit(s) Termagant Brood The targeted enemy infantry unit has its speed reduced by 90% for Rt time 165 seconds. Rt time 1640 second cooldown.
Requires Toxin Sacs
Cost None

Elite/Damage Synapse (ability) Elite/Fleet of Claw Elite/Flesh Hooks (Lictor) Elite/Flesh Hooks (Lictor Alpha) Elite/Focused Warp Blast

Hive Node (Ravener Alpha)   
Dow2 Tyr hive node Unit(s) Ravener Alpha A defensive Hive Node capable of expelling Spore Clouds. Clouds protect allies and slow enemies within them.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 req 16200 Dow2 pow 1620 Dow2 pop 165

Elite/Improved Synapse (ability) Elite/Infiltrate (Tyranids) Elite/Invulnerability Elite/Leech Essence

Melee Resistance Aura   
Dow2 sta hardened armor Unit(s) Heroes and most melee units This unit always takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Does not affect damage from ranged weapons.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active

Elite/Melee Synapse Elite/Pheromone Cloud Elite/Pheromone Cysts Elite/Psychic Scream (ability) Elite/Rampage (Tyrant Guard) Elite/Ranged Synapse Elite/Regeneration Synapse Elite/Seismic Roar Elite/Shieldwall Elite/Speed Synapse Elite/Spore Cloud Elite/Spore Cysts Elite/Spore Detonation Elite/Swarmlord Melee Resistance Aura Elite/Terrify Elite/Toxic Burst Elite/Warp Field (Hive Tyrant ability) Elite/Warp Field (Zoanthrope)

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