General Tyranid changes from retail Dow2:Retribution to Elite (outdated)

  • New global: Infestation (T2) spawns a capillary tower that grants 25% suppression resistance, 5% damage mitigation and 0.3 Biomass per second (18 per minute)
  • Synapse backlash knockback type changed from ability to weapon
  • Basic Synapse damage reduction veterancy scaling increased from 3% to 5% per level (damage mitigation increased from 20/22/25/27% to 20/24/28/31%)
  • Tyranid structures will now regnerate health slowly
  • Without Number now spawns a Ripper Swarm at the HQ
  • Without Number cost increased from 50/0/100 to 100/0/100
  • Without Number cooldown increased from 90 to 240 seconds
  • Brood Nest cost increased from 75 to 100 Biomass
  • Brood Nest population cost increased from 4 to 5
  • Brood Nest now increases the health regeneration of nearby units by 0.25
  • Stalk cost increased from 35 to 75 Biomass
  • Stalk now decreases enemy hero damage by 10% for the duration
  • Stalk now increases the Lictor Alpha’s damage and speed by 25% for the duration
  • Tyranoform mapped from F5 to F6
  • Tyranoform delay decreased by 1 second
  • Tyranoform main towers’ damage decreased from 300 to 175
  • Tyranoform now increases the speed of allied Tyranid infantry by 1 for 20 seconds in a radius of 40 from the targeting point
  • Tyranoform capillary tower synapse ranged damage bonus increased from 15% to 25%
  • New squad icons: Hormagaunt Brood, Termagant Brood, Warrior Brood, Ravener Brood, Spore Mines, Ripper Swarm, Zoanthrope, Genestealer Brood, Carnifex
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