Default abilities

Melee Resistance Aura   
Dow2 sta hardened armor Unit(s) Heroes and most melee units This unit always takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Does not affect damage from ranged weapons.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Dow2 sm smite Unit(s) Librarian, Terminator Librarian Fire 4 bolts of psychic lightning, each inflicting 18 plasma damage in a radius of 6. Range 50, cooldown 45 seconds.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 energy 1640
Elite gk purge Unit(s) Terminator Librarian Purge the defenses of an enemy unit, making it take 30% increased damage for Rt time 1630 seconds. Rt time 1670 second cooldown.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 energy 1650

Upgrade abilities

Might of Titan   
Elite gk might of titan Unit(s) Terminator Librarian Inspire surrounding infantry in radius 20, increasing their melee damage by 15%.
Requires Liber Daemonica
Cost Dow2 energy 1610 + Dow2 energy 163.5 per second.
Elite gk shroud Unit(s) Terminator Librarian Hide an allied infantry unit, making it infiltrate and increasing it's damage done by 25% for Rt time 1625 seconds.

Rt time 1650 second cooldown.
Requires Codicum Aeternum
Cost Dow2 energy 1640
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