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Sternguard Veteran Squad
Elite sm sternguard veteran squad Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged 2 Faction Space Marines Health 1450 Buy Reinf. Upkeep
Tier 2 Courage 100 Dow2 requisition 100 83 12.75
Armor heavy_infantry Sight radius 40 Dow2 power 30 0
Size small Detect radius 5 Dow2 popcap 15 5
XP value 250 Speed 5 Dow2 time 15 6
Death +21 Model count 4
Melee skill 60
First Company veteran infantry. Tough and capable ranged infantry with specialised ammunition to deal with any target. Data version: 2.1

The Sternguard Veteran Squad is a Space Marine elite heavy infantry unit. Sternguard are First Company veterans that specialize in ranged combat, they carry a variety of specialized Bolter ammunition to deal with any target they encounter.

  • Maximum of 1 unit
  • Have the Melee Resistance Aura unlike most ranged units
  • Cannot upgrade weapons
  • Capture points 50% faster than other units
  • Are a permanent upgrade from the Tactical Squad
  • Can switch ammunition to better deal with different targets:
  • Dragonfire Bolts: Ignores cover but deal 20% less damage overall
  • Hellfire Rounds: Deals damage over time, effective against infantry and commanders, less so against heavy infantry
  • Kraken Pattern Penetrator Rounds: 20% more damage to heavy and super heavy infantry
  • Vengeance Rounds: Slower rate of fire but increased damage to heavy armor and vehicles
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad ammo type swaps have a shared cooldown