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Force Commander
Rt sm force commander Dow2 dec hero anti infantry melee Faction Space Marines Health 820 Buy Reinf. Upkeep
Tier 1 Courage 100 Dow2 requisition
Armor commander Sight radius 40 Dow2 power
Size small Detect radius 5 Dow2 popcap
XP value 500 Speed 5 Dow2 time
Death +30 Model count 1
Melee skill 70
The Force Commander is a tough and versatile melee hero with good supportive abilites. Data version: 2.0.10

Changes from retail DowII:Retribution

  • Removed Force Commander Terminator upkeep (3.36 to 0)
  • Chainsword and Storm Shield no longer grants a bonus health
  • Chainsword and Storm Shield now increases melee damage by 13.73%
  • Defend radius increased from 20 to 22
  • Power Fist special attack no longer does friendly fire
  • Power Fist cost increased from 150/50 to 200/50
  • Thunder Hammer has no splash damage
  • Thunder Hammer special attack damage increased from 20 to 40
  • Thunder Hammer cost increased from 150/30 to 150/35
  • Artificer Armor cost increased from 100/20 to 100/25
  • Armor of Alacrity cost decreased from 120/30 to 110/20
  • Sprint cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds
  • Iron Halo cost increased from 100/20 to 100/25
  • Teleport (Teleport Pack) cooldown decreased from 45 to 30 seconds
  • Teleport (Teleport Pack) range increased from 45 to 50
  • Terminator Armor cost increased from 150/75 to 200/100
  • Assault Cannon cost increased from 70/40 to 70/70
  • Heavy Flamer cost increased from 70/40 to 70/70
  • Lightning Claws cost increased from 70/40 to 70/70

The Force Commander is a melee commander with several options for both offense and defense as well as some nice support abilites. He can tank quite well and can be kitted out to deal excellent damage to any target in melee. He lacks ranged options.

  • Very powerful melee unit
  • Can buff nearby allies
  • Is the only hero that can summon Assault Terminators
  • Is the only commander that can upgrade into another unit with Terminator Armor