Empyreal Abyss   
Data version: 2.0.10
Dow2cr csm empyreal abyss Unit(s) All Chaos heroes After a 5 second delay, creates a horrific rift to the Warp for 15 seconds. Units in radius 12 of the rift are subject to 25 heavy melee damage every second, while those in radius 5 trapped within the Warp itself take an additional 200 heavy melee damage per second. Every second there is an 80% chance an non-retreating infantry unit in radius 30 of the rift will be lashed by unholy chains, pulled into the abyss with ability knockback. Those escaping the profane circle are not yet safe, as the tainted shards that erupt from the ground around the rift also do 7 heavy melee damage every second to non-building targets in radius 5. 120 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 3
Cost Dow2 global 16500

Changes from retail DowII:Retribution

  • Empyreal Abyss delay increased by 1 second
  • Empyreal Abyss hooks cannot pull in retreating units
  • Empyreal Abyss mapped from F4 to F5
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