Dawn of War Wiki

Elite eld dire avenger squad Dire Avenger Squad Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged High damage but low durability infantry. Upgrades grant abilities such as Plasma Grenades and Energy Shields. Stats in parentheses are for the Exarch.
Dow2 eld bansheesquad Howling Banshees Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee 2 Highly agile melee infantry. Upgrades grant additional speed, the War Shout ability, and other enhancements.
Dow2 eld rangersquad Rangers Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec sniper Light infantry unit that requires a brief setup time. Good for sniping enemies from a distance, and for killing units in buildings. Can detect infiltrated units.
Dow2 eld shuriken cannon team Guardian Weapon Team Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec suppression
Rt eld autarch Autarch Dow2 tier2 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee 2 Autarch commander with Swooping Hawk wings. Can leap across the battlefield. Passive aura strengthens nearby Eldar infantry. Inspires nearby allies with each kill. Heals allies around her when landing after a Leap.
Elite eld dark reaper Dark Reaper Squad Dow2 tier2 Heavily armoured long-range fire support squad with rapid-fire missile launchers. Stats in parentheses for the Exarch.

Elite/Falcon Elite/Fire Dragon Squad Elite/Warp Spider Squad Elite/Wraithguard Elite/Wraithlord

Elite/Avatar Elite/Brightlance Weapon Team Elite/D-Cannon Weapon Team Elite/Fire Prism Elite/Seer Council