General Eldar changes from retail Dow2:Retribution

  • Webway Gate cost decreased from Dow2 global 1675 to Dow2 global 1650 Psychic Might
  • Webway Gate sight radius increased from 5 to 25
  • Distort Field effect is now exclusive and removed on retreat
  • Crack Shot duration increased from Rt time 1620 to Rt time 1625 seconds
  • Farsight duration increased from Rt time 1620 to Rt time 1660 seconds
  • Eldritch Storm delay decreased by Rt time 161 second
  • Eldritch Storm vehicle stun increased from Rt time 1610 to Rt time 1614 seconds
  • Eldritch Storm bolt damage & knockback radius increased from 5 to 6
  • Seer Council is now available from the HQ for all heroes in Tier 3
  • Summon Seer Council cost decreased from Dow2 req 16600Dow2 pow 160Dow2 global 16300 to Dow2 req 16500Dow2 pow 160Dow2 global 16300
  • Guardian Squad replaced with Dire Avenger Squad (visual change)
  • Shuriken Cannon Weapon Team can now upgrade to a Brightlance, separate Brightlance unit removed

  • Two new units added (See below)
  • Dark Reaper Squad
  • Fire Dragon Squad

New units

Elite eld dark reaper

Dark Reapers

Long range fire support squad with rapid-fire missile launchers. Powerful but fragile ranged unit.


Fire Dragon Squad

Anti-armour squad armed with Fusion guns, good against all targets.

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