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Chaos Raptors
Elite csm raptors Dow2 dec anti infantry melee Dow2 dec upgrade jump Faction Chaos Space Marines Health 1050 Buy Reinf. Upkeep
Tier 1 Courage 100 Dow2 requisition 400 66 12.75
Armor heavy_infantry Sight radius 40 Dow2 power 40 6
Size small Detect radius 5 Dow2 popcap 15
XP value 240 Speed 5 Dow2 time 30 8
Death +19 Model count 3
Melee skill 70
Jump pack unit that causes suppression to nearby enemies when landing. Data version: 2.0.10

Chaos Raptors are former Assault Squad members that have fallen to Chaos. Over time the malign influences of the Chaos gods warped their bodies and fusing the machinery of their jump packs to their bodies. Now infused with daemonic power they swoop over the battlefields, striking hard and fast with daemonic howls as their battle cries.

  • Jump infantry that suppress nearby enemies when they land, but cause no knockback
  • Good at tying up ranged units and set-up teams
  • Can be upgraded with an Aspiring Champion that wields a fearsome Lightning Claw, greatly increasing their damage against all infantry
  • The Aspiring Champion can upgrade his Lightning Claw to a Daemonic Maul
  • Can exchange their melee weapons for Melta Guns in Tier3, letting them do excellent damage to vehicles, but reducing their efficiency in melee and removing their ability to suppress enemies when landing