Faction Tech Tree Strategy Background
Round eldar
The Eldar are the masters of surprise and evasion. Instead of dealing with the enemy head on, they search for the path of least resistance and any weak points within the enemy position. Eldar players can simply wait for the opponent to attack them first and then counterattack them where they least expected, oftentimes far behind the front lines. This strategy is aided by their quick movement speed and exceptional logistics that can transport their units almost anywhere on the battlefield. This also allows Eldar players to conduct hit and run operations against isolated enemy squads and Strategic Points held by the enemy. When encountering a stonewall opposition, they can simply retreat back into the Webway and counterattack them at the opposite end of the map. Their mobility and quick deployment of units applies early in the game. This allows Eldar players to seize control of the map earlier and more efficiently than other factions. With the majority of the map under control, Eldar players can achieve economic supremacy or even victory against their opponent depending on the game setting. The strength of the Eldar increases as the map size enlarges and has more open space. Like the Tau, they can be used to great effect in maps with more choke points and narrow passageways.


Dow eld farseer iconFarseerPrimary commander

Dow eld seer council icon


Dow eld bonesinger iconBonesingerBuilder unit
Dow eld guardian squad iconGuardian SquadLight infantry
Dow eld ranger squad iconRanger SquadLight infantry

Dow eld howling banshee squad icon Dow eld dark reaper squad icon

Dow eld warp spider squad iconWarp Spider SquadElite ranged infantry
Dow eld grav platform shuriken cannon iconGrav Platform - Shuriken CannonAnti-infantry weapon
Dow eld grav platform brightlance iconGrav Platform - BrightlanceAnti-vehicle weapon


Dow eld falcon icon Dow eld vyper icon

Dow eld wraithlord iconWraithlordWalker vehicle
Dow eld fire prism iconFire PrismMain Battle Tank


Dow eld avatar iconAvatarRelic unit


Dow eld webway gate iconWebway GateInfrastructure
Dow eld support platform iconSupport PlatformTurret