Land Speeder

The Landspeeder is a vehicle unit for the Space Marines in Dawn of War.[1]


  • Vehicle.
  • Quick - can cross gaps in terrain.
  • Useful against infantry.
  • Tank-killers when outfitted with multi-melta

General Notes Edit

Compared to the other races the Landspeeder is a much more dangerous light skimmer when used in small groups. With a multi-melta it has much better general firepower than the other two, able to do quite significant damage to infantry, vehicles and buildings and even some Elites, and with the doctrine to give it a shield notably making it tougher and the doctrine to make buildings like Listening Posts have a healing aura to vehicles - neither of which the Orks or Eldar have equivalents to - the Landspeeder becomes a surprisingly damaging, mobile and resilient hit and run raider, charging in over rough terrain past chokepoints to quickly take out key buildings or squads then quickly going back to a forward listening post to repair, then attacking again. It is worth noting that up to 2 Servitors can repair at the same time as the Doctrine healing aura is in effect, allowing for ultra-fast repairs.

The closest equivalent skimmer is the Eldar Falcon. In comparison the Falcon costs 25 more energy than a Melta-upgraded Landspeeder, has a bit more health, is slower and has only Normal weapons, making it greatly suffer in fighting vehicles and units in reinforcement points, whereas Landspeeders with multi-meltas can tear through them with alarming speed.

References Edit