Assault Terminator

Assault Terminators are an elite infantry unit for Space Marines in Dawn of War III.[1]


Invaluable to their Chapter, Assault Terminators are soldiers who rose above the rank and file and were named worthy of bearing Tactical Dreadnought Armour. This Terminator Armour, as it’s also known, is plated in ceramite and plasteel and is said to withstand the harshest of environments and battlefield impacts. This prized adamantium-infused armour also protects the wearer from violent warp energies during teleportation. When combat maneuverability must be sacrificed for raw survivability, Assault Terminators are ordered to the front lines.

Most well known for their deep strike abilities, Assault Terminators are a devastating answer to ranged-heavy squadrons. Shrugging off munitions that would shred clean through a tank, these Astartes can initiate battle and persevere until backup comes to their aid.


  • Very tough advanced melee unit. Slow moving.
  • Can be teleported behind enemy lines, doing damage and knockback.
  • Storm Hammers stun enemy units around them.
  • No ranged attack.

Stats Edit

Assault Terminators
Terminator - DOWIII Faction Space Marines Health 5400
Armor Type Heavy Shield
Model count 3 Melee DPS 40 Splash
Speed Ranged DPS 184 (True)
Death + Elite Points 7
Game version:


Hammer Slam

The Assault Terminators teleport to the target position, knocking back and damaging enemies in an area.

Hammer Slam

An Assault Terminator unleashes the concussive discharge of their Thunder Hammer, damaging, stunning, and slowing enemies in an area.

Strategy Edit

In Dawn of War III, Assault Terminators are your go-to Elite choice for near-instantaneous crowd control. Whether you choose to use that advantage offensively or defensively depends on the situation.

To strike the enemy hard where it hurts, teleport behind enemy lines and stun squads before your opponent can react. Pairing this tactic with a flamer-equipped Tactical Marine squad, for instance, usually spells doom for ill-prepared enemies. Assault Terminators can appear just behind a vehicle for bonus back damage. Most of the time, this immediately followed with a stun secures a vehicle kill.

Assault Terminators can also provide defensive utility. When fielding many ranged units, your Terminators can lock up enemy melee strike squads trying to close the gap. If you find your lower health units flanked, Terminators can also teleport to their aid, knocking back the would-be attackers.

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