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Wraithguard abilities

Wraithbone (Wraithguard)   
Dow2 eldar wraithguard wraithbone Unit(s) Wraithguard Increases health regeneration by 40 hp/second for 7 seconds, but disables the Wraithguard while regenerating. Cooldown 100 seconds.
Requires Wraithbone
Cost Time (seconds)7

Warlock abilities

Dow2 wil focus mastery Unit(s) Farseer, all Warlocks Allied Wraithguard within a radius of 30 of the Farseer or Warlock have their speed increased by 1.5. However, Wraithguard within a radius of 25 when a squad leader Warlock dies are stunned for a short duration (2.5 to 5 seconds).
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active