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Warriors (Tyranicus gladius in High Gothic) are heavy melee Tyranids. They are effective against infantry and emit a synapse effect enhancing other close combat Tyranids.

Warrior Brood


Base Info[]

Health 1080
Energy 100
Courage 100
Suppression Resistance 4%
Armour Type Heavy_Infantry
Requsition 300
Power 30
Upkeep 12.75
Popcap 15
Build Time 24 (secs)
Squad Size 3
Maximum Speed 5.5
Acceleration 20
Deceleration 20
Rotation Rate 800
Sight Radius 50
Detect Radius 30
Retreat Yes



Dow2 tyr adrenal glands iconAdrenal GlandsIncreases Warrior health and damage, also allowing them to destroy vehicles in melee. Nearby melee Tyranids receive health bonuses.
Dow2 tyr barbed strangler iconBarbed StranglerLaunches seed pods that erupt to entangle infantry within their vines causing affected units to be suppressed.