Dawn of War Wiki
Dow2 tyr hormagaunts iconHormagaunt BroodFast infantryLight melee unit that can overwhelm enemies in large numbers. Can be upgraded with Adrenal Glands which allow them to leap onto enemy targets.
Dow2 tyr termagant iconTermagant BroodLight ranged infantryFragile ranged unit that can overwhelm melee enemies en masse. Can be upgraded with Toxin Sacs which grant the Crippling Poison ability.
Dow2 tyr warriors iconWarrior BroodHeavy melee infantryMelee unit that projects a synapse aura that increases the durability of nearby Tyranid units. Can be upgraded with the Barbed Strangler to suppress enemy infantry. Detects infiltrated units.
Dow2 tyr raveners iconRavener BroodAssault unitFragile, high-damage melee unit that is effective against infantry and capable of burrowing underground. Can be upgraded with the Devourer, a ranged weapon effective against infantry and the Enhanced Muscle Coil to unlock the Burrow ability.


Dow2 tyr spore mines iconSpore MinesExplosive unitEach mine explodes in a cloud of poisonous acidic spores when detonated.

Base Info[]

Health 600
Energy 0
Courage 100
Suppression Resistance 4%
Armour Type Infantry
Requsition 100
Power 5
Upkeep 0.84
Popcap 5
Build Time 15 (secs)
Squad Size 5
Maximum Speed 5
Acceleration 15
Deceleration 12
Rotation Rate 1000
Sight Radius 35
Detect Radius 5
Retreat No


Dow2 tyr spore detonationSpore DetonationThe Spore Mine will instantly explode into a cloud of toxic gas that stuns nearby units but does little damage.
Dow2 tyr bio-plasma detonationBio-Plasma DetonationThe Spore Mine will undergo a brief chemical reaction to convert its biomass to an intense Bio-Plasma blast. Good for killing enemy units in buildings.
Dow2 tyr venom brood iconVenom BroodAnti-vehicle unitWarrior brood equipped with venom cannons effective vs. vehicles. Can detect infiltrated units. Nearby ranged Tyranids will also receive damage bonuses.
Dow2 tyr zoanthrope iconZoanthropeArtillery unitSlow, fragile artillery unit. Comes with the Focused Warp Blast and the Warp Field abilities. Projects a synapse aura that increases the health regeneration of nearby units.
Dow2 tyr tyrant guard iconTyrant GuardMonstrous creatureA large, durable melee unit that moves faster in synapse. Can use the Shieldwall ability, which regenerates health and reduces incoming damage.
Dow2 tyr genestealers iconGenestealer BroodElite melee infantryAn elite melee unit that infiltrates after staying still for enough time. Adrenal Rush ability grants increased speed, lifesteal and increased damage.
Dow2 tyr lictor iconLictorAssassin unitElite assassin unit that comes with the Infiltrate ability and the deadly flesh hooks attack. Detects infiltrated units.
Dow2 tyr carnifex iconCarnifexMonstrous creatureA living engine of destruction that is impervious to small arms fire. Can be upgraded to have Thornback Armor, Barbed Strangler, or Venom Cannon.