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Spore Detonation is a unit ability in Dawn of War II.


The Spore Mines explode immediately, causing 10 damage each, knockback and stun for 2.5 seconds in a 7 radius.

Available to[]


Base Info[]

Health 600
Energy 0
Courage 100
Suppression Resistance 4%
Armour Type Infantry
Requsition 100
Power 5
Upkeep 0.84
Popcap 5
Build Time 15 (secs)
Squad Size 5
Maximum Speed 5
Acceleration 15
Deceleration 12
Rotation Rate 1000
Sight Radius 35
Detect Radius 5
Retreat No


Dow2 tyr spore detonationSpore DetonationThe Spore Mine will instantly explode into a cloud of toxic gas that stuns nearby units but does little damage.
Dow2 tyr bio-plasma detonationBio-Plasma DetonationThe Spore Mine will undergo a brief chemical reaction to convert its biomass to an intense Bio-Plasma blast. Good for killing enemy units in buildings.