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Scout Sergeant   
Dow2 sm scout sergeant Unit(s) Scout Squad Add a Scout Sergeant to lead the squad. Sergeants can detect infiltrated units in radius 30 and grant the Frag Grenade ability. The Sergeant has 250 health and same weapons as the other models.
Tier 1
Cost Dow2 req 1675 Dow2 pow 1625 Dow2 pop 163 Time (seconds)15
Dow2 sm shotgun Unit(s) Scout Squad Equip all squad members with combat shotguns, which are excellent counters to melee units but have short range. Grants the Explosive Shot ability, allowing you to knock enemy units back in a wide cone.
Tier 1
Cost Dow2 req 1675 Dow2 pow 1615 Time (seconds)15
Sniper Rifle   
Dow2 sm sniper rifle Unit(s) Scout Squad Equip one squad member with a sniper rifle effective against infantry. Sniper rifles require a brief setup time, but are highly effective at killing infantry from a distance, even units in cover or buildings.
Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 16150 Dow2 pow 1635 Time (seconds)15
Advanced Infiltration Training   
Dow2 sm infiltrate Unit(s) Scout Squad Grants the Infiltrate ability, which allows your squad to become invisible but drains energy over time. Infiltrated units can be revealed by detector units, or if they get too close to enemies.
Tier 1
Cost Dow2 req 1650 Dow2 pow 1615 Time (seconds)20