Rank is an aesthetic online multiplayer feature in Dawn of War II and Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising (note that Rank was replaced by Army Level for Dawn of War II: Retribution). Certain game types – the ones accessed under "Find a Game" in the main menu that pit the player or their team against computer-selected human opponents – are called "ranked games" and award "rank points" to participants. Rank is not connected to TrueSkill, which measures actual skill; it could be called a multiplayer XP system. You get more rank points if you win, but you always get some, and your rank can never go down.

Gaining rankEdit

There are 60 rank levels for each race, consisting of 12 titles (such as "Scout" or "Terminator") with 5 levels for each. Initially the steps come every 2,000 points, but gradually increase until at the final ranks you need 20,000 points to advance a level. As a rough approximation, you can get 1,000 points for winning a head-to-head match and about 2,000 points for winning a free-for-all (FFA) match. Losing will gain you about half. This means you will need a whole lot of games to reach that 500,000 rank points. Not to mention doing it for multiple races


So what does rank get you? Eye candy. Most ranks do nothing, really, but certain milestone ranks unlock new armor or weapon visuals for your units. For example, upon reaching Rank 3 with Space Marines, you unlock the Scout Rare Armor, equipping all your Scout Squads with new shiny armor visible to other players. After some other goodies on the way there, at Rank 29 you get the even shinier Scout Epic Armor. And so on.

The changes caused by rank are purely aesthetic and have no gameplay effect (except possibly demoralizing the opponent who sees all your troops wearing Epic gear and thinks you must be totally pro).

Rank tablesEdit

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