Dow2 calderis

Calderis is a feudal world known for its arid climate and hardy warriors. The Blood Ravens have recruited from this world for millennia. An Imperial Governor oversees the planet from orbit.

Argus OutskirtsEdit

The badlands communities east of Argus Settlement serve as a buffer between the desert wilds and the planetary capital.

Argus SettlementEdit

The planetary capital of Calderis, this rugged town has suffered under the predations of both bandits and xenos.

Tangier High PassEdit

The high mesas of this region serve as important trade routes and feature several market and mining settlements.

Siwal RuinsEdit

Deep in the dune sea of Calderis's great desert, great ruins peek from beneath the sands. Build millennia ago by human settlers, they were abandoned when the desert advanced into the region. Feral Orks now stalk the dunes.

Typhon PrimarisEdit

Dow2 typhon

The jungles and swamps of Typhon teem with Orks who have all but wiped out the planet's primitive humans. The few survivors are prized recruiting stock for the Blood Ravens.

Mount SiccarisEdit

The humans who once inhabited Typhon's highlands erected temples near the volcanic Mount Siccaris. Ruins now rise above canyons dug by ancient lava flows.

Typhon ArenaEdit

The great arena in Typhon's jungle highlands serves as the site for brutal recruiting trials held by the Blood Ravens Space Marines.

Green Tooth GorgeEdit

This deep gash in the jungle features some ruins of ancient human settlers. Orks and other predators have long since taken over this area.

Ladon SwamplandEdit

This lowland depression is clogged by vines and choked with fetid vapors. Only a few ruins hint at past human attempts at settlement. Now, a Tyranid hive lurks within.

Techpriest StationEdit

The Techpriests of Mars set up camp in the deep jungle to study an ancient astronomic array remaining from the earliest days of human settlement on Typhon. Nothing has been heard from the Techpriests since then.

The Graveyard of TyphonEdit

This valley has now become the site of Typhon's death. A great capillary tower rises from here, feeding the Hive Fleet. The land swarms of Tyranids, protecting this vital area.


Dow2 meridian

The capital world of Sub-Sector Aurelia, Meridian features huge city-spires rising from urban landscapes the size of continents. Angel Forge, its ancient Manufactorium, produces everything from household goods to lasguns and aircraft.

Hab Spire LegisEdit

Home to millions of Imperial Citizens, Hab Spire Legis includes important industrial and transport centers as well as housing.

Capital SpireEdit

Topped with gardens and public squares, Capital Spires rises above the massive urban landscape of Meridian. The wealthy and powerful sector elite work and live within close proximity of the seat of government.

Spire GolgothaEdit

Spire Golgotha houses massive industrial and transport complexes. Cellarion warehouses in this region store Imperial tithes collected from across the sub-sector.

Angel ForgeEdit

This ancient and massive Manufactorium complex is the industrial heart of Planet Meridian and Sub-Sector Aurelia.

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