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Force Commander[]

The individual known as the Force Commander of the Blood Ravens is the main character in Dawn of War II. The Force Commander is different than any other unit in the game, as he is able to equip many different items and equipment that most units cannot use. He is highly customizable, able to specialize in ranged or melee combat, and can be equipped with Terminator armor later in the game. You can name him anything you like, the other characters in the game simply refer to him as "Commander."

In general his equipment and skills/bonuses lean him much more towards a highly endurant melee focus which honestly is just fine; you need at least one good melee unit to keep pressure off of your ranged units like Avitus and Cyrus. However, he is capable of developing into a decent ranged unit if attributes are focused into Ranged, letting him equip weapons akin to Avitus (heavy bolters, rocket launchers and plasma cannons), however he will not be as good as Avitus. He is also able to equip a single bonus wargear type: a Commander gear. This can give a teleporter/jumpack, an energy-fueled heal over time ability to your squad, or an energy shield.

Dawn of War 2[]

Your first mission is to destroy the orks attacking your recruitment world, Calderis. This is when you assume control of the Force Commander and drop into the battle to aid Davian Thule and some Blood Raven initiates. This level of the game teaches you basic controls for combat and exploration. From here, you begin the campaign as you fight against the orks, the eldar and then the tyranids. Your allies are Tarkus, a tactical sergeant, Avitus, a devastator sergeant, Cyrus, a scout sergeant and Thaddeus, an assault sergeant. Each commands his own smaller squad who also assist you.

You come to learn that the eldar were manipulating the orks in order to build up their ranks as a stall to the oncoming tyranid hive fleet. The Tyranids appeared at The Defense of Argus Gate. As Davian Thule defends the village on the west. The Tyranids landed on Calderis. The Tyranids outflanked Davian Thule and his men. You and your men supported Thule. A Tyranid Warrior showed up attacked and almost killed Davian Thule. As the campaign unfolds, you are given three main tasks:

  • Getting a pure genetic sample from an infected pool made to combat the tyranids.
  • Gaining access to Angel Forge on Meridian to make weapons with which to destoy the tyranids.
  • Find the Astronomic Array to find the weak spot in the hive fleet to deliver the killing blow.

As you progress, you can take side missions which can stop the progress of the invasion on individual planets. As you continue, Davian Thule rejoins you, now entombed in a dreadnought. After defeating monumental foes such as an eldar farseer and an ork warboss, you are prepared to lead the final assault against the tyranids on Typhon Primaris. You and your soldiers are all prepared to die standing and in battle, when Gabriel Angelos comes with reinforcements and boosts your morale enough to finally track down the hive tyrant and slay him. With the invasion halted both on the planet and in space, the Force Commander successfully saves the sector and is hailed as a hero.