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This is written for patch 2.6.0 balance.


The Brightlance platform is a cheap anti-vehicle unit which is faster than a Devastator Squad upgraded with the lascannon, but does not cause the snare effect on hit. This makes it a little harder to use since you will often need another unit for the snare (Warp Spiders with Haywire Grenades) or deal more damage as the Brightlance gets attacked (e.g. Howling Banshees).

The team consists of three Guardian models with higher health and the platform, which is a 0 hp model that distributes its damage to the Guardians and explodes when they are all dead.

The Brightlance cannon is useless against most infantry, since it practically never hits. Terminators, however, are 'large' and will take decent damage from a Brightlance. If the opponent loses all their vehicles, the Brightlance can be used as a capping unit or shooting down Power Generators.


  • Rangers can infiltrate the Brightlance with the Holo-field ability for some sneaky anti-armor fire
  • The Farseer's Guide ability grants the Brightlance insane range and very high damage
  • Warp Spiders can snare a target for the Brightlance with the Haywire Grenade