Dawn of War Wiki


Default abilities[]

Healing Aura   
Dow2 sta larramans blessing Unit(s) Apothecary Allied infantry units within a radius of 25 regenerate health 200% faster (triple rate).
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Melee Resistance Aura   
Dow2 sta hardened armor Unit(s) Heroes and most melee units This unit always takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Does not affect damage from ranged weapons.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Dow2 sm apothecary heal Unit(s) Apothecary Heals the targeted allied infantry unit for 110 health per model and multiplies health regeneration by 26 for 4 seconds. For every 2 levels the Apothecary gains, the heal is increased by 20 health, the regen. multiplier is increased by 1, and heroes are healed for an additional 50 health. 25 second cooldown.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 energy 1660

Global abilities[]

Larraman's Blessing   
Dow2 sm larramans blessing Unit(s) Apothecary Immediately revive all allied heroes who are currently unconscious on the battlefield with 60% of their maximum health. Cooldown 50 seconds.
Requires Tier 1
Cost Dow2 global 16125
Drop Pod   
Dow2 sm call drop pod Unit(s) All Space Marine heroes Call in a drop pod from orbit that does 50 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 8 and instantly reinforces allied infantry squads in radius 35. Cooldown 300 seconds.
Requires Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 16100 Dow2 global 16200
Angels of Death   
Dow2 sm angels of death Unit(s) Apothecary Render all your infantry units invulnerable for 8 seconds. Does not affect allied units. Cooldown 180 seconds.
Requires Tier 2
Cost Dow2 global 16250
Deep Strike Terminator Squad   
Dow2 sm deepstrike range Unit(s) All Space Marine heroes Teleport in a Terminator Squad at the targeted location. Terminators are immune to suppression and weapon knockback but cannot retreat. The sight of Terminators killing enemy units inspires allied infantry in radius 35, increasing their damage by 5% and reducing their received suppression by 10% for 15 seconds. Cooldown 420 seconds.
Requires Tier 3
Cost Dow2 req 16650 Dow2 pow 16100 Dow2 global 16350
Orbital Bombardment   
Dow2 sm orbital bombardment Unit(s) All Space Marine heroes Call in a massive orbital strike capable of destroying even the heaviest units.
Requires Tier 3
Cost Dow2 global 16500

Wargear abilities[]

Full Auto   
Dow2 sm full auto Unit(s) Apothecary Open fire, dealing increased damage and weapon knockback to enemies within a small area of the target. Duration 5 seconds, cooldown 45 seconds.
Requires Master-Crafted Bolter
Cost Dow2 energy 1635
Combat Stimulants   
Dow2 sm combat stimulants Unit(s) Apothecary Increase the damage output of an allied infantry unit by 40% while breaking suppression and granting suppression immunity for 15 seconds. Range 20, cooldown 40 seconds.
Requires Combat Stimulant Equipment
Cost Dow2 energy 1640
Advanced Healing   
Dow2 sm adv healing Unit(s) Apothecary Heal allied infantry in radius 15 around the Apothecary for 2% of their maximum health per second. The Apothecary is slowed by -85% while the ability is active, and cannot regenerate energy. Drains 3.5 energy per second.
Requires Armor of the Apothecarion
Cost Dow2 energy 165 then Dow2 energy 163.5 per second
Purification Vials   
Dow2 sm toxin grenade Unit(s) Apothecary Throw a grenade which does 45 grenade damage in radius of 7.5 and releases a cloud causing 10 flame damage per second over 10 seconds in a radius of 15. Range 20, cooldown 40 seconds.
Requires Purification Vials
Cost Dow2 energy 1645