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Whirlwind artillery tank deployed.

— when a Whirlwind is finished training.

The Whirlwind is a light artillery vehicle available at the Machine Cult for the Space Marines in Dawn of War. Although it can be outgunned easily by other heavier vehicles, it has the ability to deal bonus damage against Buildings and can disrupt massed up Infantry due to its splash damage, all of which can be done at a much higher range than most units. Like all artificial constructs, it has no Morale.


  • Vehicle.
  • Light artillery tank.
  • Artillery can be fired at very long range, and does not require line of sight.
  • Artillery is highly inaccurate, especially when firing blind.
  • Effective against infantry and dug-in positions.


In addition to Stop, Move, Attack Move and ability to change Stances, Whirlwinds have the following abilities:

  • Attack Ground: The Whirlwind fires projectiles continuously at a targeted location until attacked by the enemy or moved by the player. Attack Ground commands issued at locations beyond the Fog of War are less accurate. Use this with caution, since friendly units are also affected.


Whirlwinds are essentially a Rhino transport with a ballistic missile launcher mounted on top of it. It has huge range and can even attack beyond its line of sight, making it effective against buildings and can disrupt infantry very effectively. However, it is inaccurate especially beyond the Line of Sight which can result in friendly fire. With the subsequent expansions however, the friendly fire is eliminated and its accuracy significantly improved within Line of Sight. To minimize its inaccuracy, spotter unit should be deployed in front of it to utilize the long range. Any ranged unit can serve as spotter units. If players decides to these, the player should have more than one of these and keep an eye on them to avoid unnecessary risks if used before the subsequent expansions.


When selected[]

  1. Whirlwind here!
  2. Whirlwind artillery tank here!

When moved[]

  1. Moving out!
  2. The Machine Spirit is prepared.
  3. As you command.
  4. Approaching target.
  5. An easy objective.
  6. His will be done.

When attacking[]

  1. Triangulating attack coordinates.
  2. His wrath falls from the heavens.
  3. They will never see it coming.