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Each Webway Gate costs 100 Requisition but provides a +3 Squad cap and +2 Vehicle cap. Once the Squad cap approaches the population limit, only the Vehicle cap would be increased. To reach the population limit, 10 Webway Gates must be constructed. Webway Gates also have 1000 Hit Points and like all Buildings, it has no Morale. All Webway Gates have a maximum capacity of 10 squads.


  • Increases the amount of units that can be built.
  • A portal that can hold infantry units (right-click on this building while an infantry unit is selected).
  • Infantry units inside can be brought out from any Webway Gate after a short delay.
  • Provides several base-enhancing abilities.
  • Projects a Control Area around itself, allowing other buildings to be built near it.


  • Healing Waystation Research: Costs 100 Requisition and 25 Power. Allows Webway Gates to heal nearby Infantry. Healing is automatic for any Infantry near the Webway Gate.
  • Relocation Matrix Research: Costs 200 Requisition and 200 Power. Allows Webway Gates to relocate Buildings. Buildings can be relocated to any location near any Webway Gate.
  • Shroud Ability Research: Costs 200 Requisition and 200 Power. Allows Webway Gates to cloak nearby Eldar Buildings. When active, cloaked Buildings are invisible to most enemies. When active the Webway Gate cannot perform other actions.


The Eldar signature structure is their Webway Gate. These gates increase their Squad & Vehicle Cap limit and allow infantry to teleport from one gate to any other with a fixed delay. All Eldar buildings can be relocated (a slow teleport ability) around any Webway Gate on the map. The gates can be upgraded with the Shroud special ability which makes them (and other nearby buildings) infiltrated. This means both turrets and buildings that produce/transport enemy troops can be invisible, requiring an infiltration detector unit to locate and destroy.