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I'm da biggest, so I'm da boss!

— when a Warboss is finished training

The Warboss is the primary Commander unit of the Orks and is available at the Settlement for 375 Requisition, 125 Power and 5 Ork Resources once the Orky Fort is fully researched. Like most Commanders, only one can be queued at a time.


  • Commander unit (Primary).
  • Boosts morale recovery when attached to squads.
  • Ability upgrades provide attack bonuses for himself and troops.
  • Effective against all unit types. Excels at close combat.


The Warboss have:

  • 2240 Hit Points
  • 700 Morale
  • Deals 180-220 melee damage
  • Deals 239-292 ranged damage


The Warboss is the primary Ork commander. Unlike most commanders, the Warboss has a much higher damage output and can withstand direct enemy opposition longer than Commanders from other civilizations. While the Warboss can improve the performance of surrounding infantry, the Warboss also has the Power of the Waagh! ability should the player encounter heavy resistance. When confronting the Warboss in mission four of the Dawn of War campaign, the player does not have access to any top-tier units. Players have no other option but to concentrate all fire on him.


When selected[]

  1. Orks is meant fer fightin' and winnin'!
  2. Orks is da biggest an' da strongest!
  3. I wanna get stuck in with da boyz!
  4. Ready fer stompin'!
  5. Send me to da fight!
  6. I'm da big boss!
  7. I's too big to be beat!
  8. I have da power of Gork and Mork!

When moved[]

  1. On my way to do sum krushin'!
  2. Dat's wot I was finkin'!
  3. We is da Orks, and you is not!
  4. I lead, Orks follow!
  5. Lemme at 'em!

When ordered to attack[]

  1. I'll show 'em a trick or two!
  2. Waaagh!
  3. We'll clobber da whole lot of 'em!
  4. Nothing can stand in my way!
  5. Dis is gonna be a squig-feast!
  6. I'll rip 'em apart!

When moving to attack[]

  1. Tear 'em up!
  2. Kill 'em all!
  3. Rip dere 'eads off!
  4. Smash 'em and chop 'em!

When attacking[]

  1. Put yer backs in it, boyz!
  2. Fight like an Ork!
  3. Dey don't stand a chance!

When attached to a squad[]

  1. You lot, I'm da boss now!
  2. Form up, lousy runts!

When leaving a squad[]

  1. Gragh, you boyz is no good! I'm outta here.

When morale has been depleted[]

  1. Let's get outta here!
  2. Run fer it, ladz!
  3. Turn tail, ya mangy gits!

When morale has been restored[]

  1. I'm back, and I'm mad!
  2. Quit hidin' like a grot!
  3. No more runnin'! Now we turn an' fight!

When embarking a transport[]

  1. Go fasta, lousy Mek!

When leaving a transport[]

  1. Come on, boyz! Dis is our stop!
  2. Lemme out! Time to get stuck in!