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The Seer Council is the secondary commander squad unit for the Eldar in Dawn of War.


  • Infantry. Unique unit.
  • Commander retinue.
  • Resilent unit that benefits from most Warlock upgrades.
  • Each Warlock in squad reduces ability recharge time for all, including any attached units.
  • Effective against all unit types.


  • Class: Commander
  • Role: Melee, support

The Eldar secondary commander unit is actually a squad of Guardian squad leaders, Warlocks. It's a pretty tough bunch as there are so many and they have commander-class armor and health. They also have some special abilities, though nothing as potent as the Farseer. First and foremost they are the best Eldar melee infantry. You have to kill these before they get to your infantry, or you'll regret it.