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Ranger Squads are trained at the Aspect Portal for 195 Requisition and 2 Squad Population. Each squad starts out with 4 members which can be increased up to 8 with each reinforcement costing 65 Requisition. Ranger Squads previously has no training limit, but with the introduction of Winter Assault, players can only field it one at a time.


  • Infantry.
  • Light scout unit equipped with powerful long-ranged rifles.
  • Can be upgraded to use Infiltration (stealth).
  • Effective at breaking up enemy morale.
  • Effective against Infantry.


  • Have 300 Morale.
  • Deal 7-12 melee damage.
  • Deal 9-12 ranged damage.
  • Classified as Infantry and counters other Infantry units as well as their Morale.


Rangers are similar to Scout Marines, only better; there's up to 8 men in a squad and they all have long rifles. They have very long range and cause extreme morale damage. Assault Marines can counter them effectively.


When selected[]

  1. You call us back.
  2. We return to defend the Craftworld.
  3. The wanderers have returned.
  4. We walk the path less traveled.
  5. You have need.
  6. You cannot imagine what we've seen with our eyes.

When moved[]

  1. We have traveled much darker paths.
  2. We move effortlessly.
  3. We move unseen.
  4. We yearn to wander.
  5. Just aim your target.
  6. Silent and swift.

When attacking[]

  1. Their blood, will be spilled.
  2. The enemy, is within range.
  3. We strike without fear or hesitation.
  4. Let us hunt.

When capturing Strategic Points and Critical Locations[]

  1. We approach the designated target.
  2. Objective sighted.
  3. Ah yes, the stationary target.