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The Horror Squad are Daemonic creatures summoned from The Warp in Dawn of War. They can be trained at the Sacrificial Circle for 250 Requisition, 75 Power and requires 2 Squad population. Each squad always starts out with 5 members by default which cannot be increased unless one of the squad members is eliminated.


  • Daemon.
  • A horrific creature summoned directly from The Warp.
  • Effective at ranged combat, ineffective at close combat.
  • Is summoned (teleported) directly onto the battlefield.
  • Effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry.


Horror Squads have:

  • 300 Morale
  • Deals 45-55 melee damage
  • Deals 43-52 ranged damage
  • Have a maximum squad size of 5.


These are minor Daemons of Tzeentch that can be Deep Striked from the Sacrificial Circle building as soon as it is created. Unlike most squads, Horrors are already maxed out by default and can be sent to the front lines immediately without having to Deep Strike them prematurely in order to reinforce them. This makes them quicker to summon and easier to mass than other units of the same typing. Having these abilities allows the player to deal with threats and surprise attacks directly in a more feasible manner and are also effective as a quick last resort option during failed skirmishes and retreats. Although they have a potent ranged attack against infantry, they are ineffective against vehicles (unlike in the subsequent expansions) and are not as effective in melee combat. Players should engage them in close combat using Heavy Infantry, Vehicles or other Daemons if possible.