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The Heavy Bolter Turret is a Building that serves as a defensive turret for the Chaos Space Marines in Dawn of War. Constructing these allows the player to defend key positions as long as it is within the Control Area. Building a Heavy Bolter Turret costs 150 Requisition and 75 Power. All Heavy Bolter Turrets have 1500 Hit Points and like all artificial constructs, it has no Morale.


  • Emplaced turret equipped with twin-linked Heavy Bolters.
  • Effective against infantry units.
  • Can replace its default weapons with anti-vehicle weapons.



Missile Turret Upgrade Add-on: Costs 50 Requisition. Permanently replaces the weapon on this turret with twin-linked Missile Launchers. Missile Launchers are effective against vehicles and can knockback infantry.


Just like the Space Marine version, the Heavy Bolter Turret initially deals bonus damage against infantry, but can be upgraded to launch missiles that deals extra damage to vehicles as well as disrupting enemy infantry. Blasting them with lascannons from safe range using heavier vehicles such as Relic Units or Main Battle Tanks is best. If such a strategy is not possible, fully outfitting several infantry squads with anti building or anti vehicle add ons such as rocket launchers should be enough to eliminate them.