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Colonel Brom is a commander of the Imperial Guard in the Dawn of War single-player campaign.


Brom is the local Imperial Guard commander, available to you in a couple of campaign missions. He's good in melee but still the weakest commander, with only half of the Force Commander's health. You may want to attach him for the morale bonus, though he can take basic infantry squads by himself if necessary. Brom will respawn if killed. Ave Imperator!


When training has finished[]

  1. Colonel Brom here.

When selected[]

  1. What is it you desire?
  2. Mm?
  3. How can I serve?
  4. Yes.

When moved[]

  1. On my way.
  2. I will see that it happens.
  3. It will be done.

When ordered to attack[]

  1. Hold formation and attack!
  2. Attack, men. Attack!
  3. Imperial Guard, charge!

When moving to attack[]

  1. For the Emperor!
  2. CHARGE!
  3. Stand and fight!
  4. In the name of the Emperor, you will hold!
  5. Form up, men!

When attaching to a squad[]

  1. Colonel Brom taking command.
  2. Men, you will follow my directives from here on out.

When leaving a squad[]

  1. I'm leaving you in command. Do not give me reason to return.

When morale has been depleted[]

  1. We must withdraw! Fall back!

When morale has been restored[]

  1. Returning to duty.