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Rhino Transport reporting!

— when a Chaos Rhino Transport is finished training.

Chaos Rhino Transport is essentially a Space Marine Rhino transport reconfigured to serve the Chaos Space Marines in Dawn of War. The Vehicle is available at the Machine Pit.


  • Vehicle. Tank.
  • Transport tank. No weaponry.
  • Can transport infantry units (except Obliterators and Raptors).
  • Can be equipped with smoke launcher ability.


  • 615 HP
  • Costs 95 Requisition, 70 Power and 1 Vehicle Population.


In addition to Stop and Move, Chaos Rhinos have the following abilities:

  • Can transport one squad of any Infantry unit except Obliterators and Raptors.
Smokelaunchers DoW
  • Fires a smoke grenade at the targeted location. Units in the area around the smoke grenade receive a 50% defense boost against ranged attacks and ranged morale damage for 30 seconds. This effect can be stacked. This add-on requires Wargear: Smoke Launchers to be fully researched at the Machine Pit.


When selected[]

  1. Transport ready.
  2. We will deliver pure evil into the heart of the battle.
  3. Where do we take the armies of Chaos?

When moved[]

  1. With great haste, to spread the taint more quickly.
  2. The best way to travel.
  3. As quickly as we can.

When using Smoke Launcher[]

  1. Deploying smoke.