Dawn of War Wiki
"The Craftworld sings to me and I respond in kind."

— when a Bonesinger is finished training

Bonesinger are trained at the Webway Assembly for 45 Requisition and 1 Squad Population.


  • Builder Unit.
  • Constructs all Eldar buildings.
  • Can use their abilities to enhance the strength of buildings.


  • 175 Hit Points
  • 200 Morale
  • Deals 18-22 melee damage.
  • Classified as Infantry and counters other Infantry.


The Eldar builder unit's noteworthy feature is his/her ability to teleport. This gives access to fast SP fortification with Listening Shrines as well as Webway Gates and secondary bases behind enemy lines.


When selected[]

  1. We are shaped by fate just as we shape it.
  2. My music is a pillar upon which whole worlds have been built.
  3. Command me to build.

When moved[]

  1. Show me a place that is ready to receive the gift of the Eldar.
  2. Take me where I may call forth the Wraithbone.
  3. Shall I play the music here then?

When building[]

  1. Look! It changes as I play!
  2. Nothing remains unchanged by the music of creation.
  3. My music will shape the Wraithbone.
  4. I will call it forth from the Warp.
  5. You will have what you require.

When attacking[]

  1. Engage with care.
  2. Strike!
  3. Strike swiftly, and true.
  4. Unleash the Swordwind.
  5. They have no hope of survival.