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Terminators ready.

— when an Assault Terminator Squad is finished training.

The Assault Terminator Squad is an elite heavy infantry unit for Space Marines in Dawn of War. They can be trained at the Chapel-Barracks once the Orbital Relay is built. In subsequent expansions after Dark Crusade, only one squad can be deployed at a time. Each squad always start out with 4 members by default but can be increased at a price of 85 Requisition and 25 Power.


  • Heavy infantry.
  • Very tough advanced combat unit. Slow moving. Excels at close combat.
  • Can be teleported to any visible location from the Chapel-Barracks.
  • Foregoes ranged weaponry for additional close combat damage and defense.
  • Effective against most unit types in close combat.


These are a close-combat version of regular Terminators, effective against everything. They take 4 Squad Cap as well, but replacing them with 2 Assault Marine Squads isn't the same - these guys have crazy health and beat even vehicles to scrap. Their thunder hammer attacks have a chance to stun enemy units, which stops the enemy from attacking for a second, which is great when they all focus on one big target.

Throw in the teleport with decent range (and Deep Strikes from your base) and they can really stir up trouble. Attach a commander unit to them for best results.


When selected[]

  1. Yes?
  2. Where do you need us most?
  3. Your will?
  4. We await your command.
  5. The Emperor's finest, reporting.

When moved[]

  1. Make way!
  2. None shall stand our path.
  3. Understood.
  4. A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy.
  5. We seek the enemy.
  6. By his glorious name.
  7. Once more, we go to battle.

When attacking[]

  1. We shall cleanse.
  2. Heh heh heh, they did not have a plan.
  3. Cease and repent.
  4. None shall stop us.
  5. None shall survive.
  6. We shall prevail.
  7. We shall cleanse.

When capturing Strategic Points and Critical Locations[]

  1. Objective acquired.
  2. Strategic point identified.
  3. Objective logged.
  4. Claim it in the name of the Emperor.
  5. Take and hold.