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The Apothecary is a Heavy Infantry squad leader unit for the Space Marines introduced in Dawn of War.


  • Heavy infantry.
  • Healer unit.
  • Enhances regeneration rates of nearby infantry.


The Apothecary can be attached to a squad like a commander unit. The unit does not improve the squad's morale or fighting capacity, but boosts the squad's health regeneration (and that of other nearby units). Apothecaries have a chainsword and can engage in melee combat when needed, but does not provide a combat bonus like a commander. Apothecaries are cheap, costs no Squad cap and are trained much quicker than other units. As a result, there's no reason not to train the maximum number of them.


When selected[]

  1. The fallen shall be forever remembered as the Emperor's finest.
  2. What are your needs?
  3. Apothecary here.
  4. The battlefield awaits.

When moved[]

  1. Direct me to the injured.
  2. I follow your commands.
  3. No servant of the Emperor shall fall if I can help it.

When attacking[]

  1. They are finished.
  2. Death or healing, I care not which you seek.
  3. Attack!
  4. The enemies of the Emperor shall be destroyed.

When attaching to a squad[]

  1. Who requires my aid?

When leaving a squad[]

  1. Leaving squad.