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The Scout Marine Squad is a Space Marine infantry unit in Dark Crusade.


  • Dow req 90 Squad Cap 1
  • Infantry.
  • Scout/recon/sniper unit. Good sight range.
  • Weapons upgrades effective against heavy infantry and breaking morale.
  • Can be upgraded to use infiltration (stealth).
  • Effective as scouts and support units.


The way to use scout marines depends entirely on how you plan to use them Generally I find that there are two effective tactics

1) Using the scouts as a support unit simply build four men in the squad and give them all sniper rifles that way they can help out the ones getting shot at (your space marines).

2) Have the squad have 2 flamethrowers and two plasma rifles that way if they run into any trouble while out capturing relics critical points etc. they should be able to hold out against the odd listening post or infantry squad roaming around