Ogryn are elite Imperial Guard units in Dark Crusade. They are essentially human slugga boyz: large, better at melee than ranged combat and able to soak up lots of damage. The key difference is numbers: Ogryn have a max squad size of 7 and a hardcap of 1.

They are produced at Infantry Command with the Ogryn Quarters upgrade.

Description Edit

  • Heavy Infantry.
  • Powerful melee attack.
  • Strong ranged attack but highly inaccurate.
  • Can take heavy punishment.
  • Effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry.
  • Large size requires them to use two slots in transports and building garrisons.

Strategy Edit

Ogryn are big, tough, and slow, built to counter other races dedicated melee units. They are best used with a priest who can make them temporarily invulnerable and immune to morale damage.