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This page is about Dark Crusade units. For background information, see Imperial Guard.

In general the Imperial Guard have weaker infantry of all the factions and need moderate upgrades to make them fully functional, but they also have perhaps the best collection of Vehicles available.

The Imperial Guard focuses on synergy between units and massed attacks. No single unit can measure up to a space marine or necron squad, but the guardsmen can equip large numbers of heavy weapons and reinforce very quickly. In addition they can field powerful leaders the strongly boost the fighting strength of each squad.


Command Squad[]

  • Led by the Imperial General.
    IG Command icon
  • The Imperial General can add other leaders to the squad (such as a Commissar, Priest and Psyker).
  • This squad can counter the heroes of the other races.


IG Techpriest iconTechpriest EnginseerBuilder unitLegendary builders from the Adeptus Mechanicus. Can repair units more quickly and efficiently than the builders of other races.
CommissarCommissarCommanderThese fearless leaders are the backbone of the Imperial Guard. Boosts the morale and health regeneration of any squad he is attached to. Can execute cowards to make other Infantry fight harder.
PsykerPsykerCommanderDetects infiltrated units. Can use their abilities to turn the tide of battles. Lightning Arc ability can decimate entire squads. Strip Soul ability can do high damage to humanoid units.
PriestPriestCommanderInspire squads to fight courageously. Add hitpoints and morale to any squad they're attached to. Increase the damage of any squad they're attached to. Fanaticism ability can make their squads temporarily invulnerable.


Wa ig guardsmen iconGuardsmenInfantryThe primary unit of the Imperial Guard. Weak in small numbers or without leaders. Powerful when massed in large numbers.
HwtHeavy Weapons TeamInfantryEntrenches into a defensive fortification to deploy heavy weapon. Sandbag encampment protects team while entrenched. Can upgrade to anti-vehicle weapons.
AssassinAssassinInfantryEquipped with a long range sniper rifle. Can kill most Infantry units with one shot. Assassination Scope allows Assassin to temporarily increase range. Effective against Infantry and Hero Units.
KasrkinKasrkinHeavy InfantryElite commando units. Deal high damage and have a long range. Can move more quickly than other infantry. Effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry.
OgrynOgrynHeavy InfantryHeavy Infantry. Powerful melee attack. Strong ranged attack but highly inaccurate. Can take heavy punishment. Effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry. Large size requires them to use two slots in transports and building garrisons.


SentinelSentinelLight VehicleFast moving raiding unit that can uncapture strategic points. Effective against other vehicles.
ChimeraChimeraAssault/Transport VehicleTransport vehicle that can hold up to 3 squads of Infantry. Firing ports allow Infantry to fire out while garrisoned inside. Effective against Infantry.
HellhoundHellhoundAssault VehicleFlamethrower vehicle that can take heavy punishment. Excels at taking down buildings. Effective against Infantry.
BasiliskBasiliskHeavy ArtilleryHas incredibly long range. Does heavy damage in area of effect. Effective against Infantry and buildings.
LemanrussLeman Russ Battle TankMedium TankAssault tank that can take heavy punishment. Effective against both Infantry and vehicles.