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Eliphas the Inheritor is the Chaos Space Marine campaign commander unit in Dark Crusade.


  • Commander unit
  • Leader of the Word Bearers on Kronus
  • Dark Apostle of Chaos
  • Effective at close range
  • Can become a Daemon Prince
  • Can be upgraded to become stronger


In the campaign, Eliphas is one of the most powerful melee heroes in the game. If not the most powerful. Capable of flat out demolishing even Gorgutz due to his tremendously high damage against all levels of armor in the game, at 600+, his knockback immunity and his access to Daemonic Strength (powerful buff ability which increases his damage by a full 25%). He also gains constant morale draining at later levels, and performs best when attached to a squad of Berzerkers.

While he has no equal in close quarters, Eliphas is somewhat lesser at range, comparatively. As such, he is best used in the thick of battle. Ironically, his ascension to Daemon Prince is perhaps a downgrade in terms of combat damage and ability. Not only does ascension hamper him in terms of raw damage, it also robs him of his useful secondary powers, such as constant morale drain and knockback immunity. The plentiful nature of anti-daemon weaponry also leaves him more vulnerable to many enemies. As such, many players feel that Ascension is simply not worth it and Eliphas should remain as a Chaos Lord in gameplay terms.