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Corrupted Blood Ravens commander from Chaos Rising

Corruption and Redemption are new campaign mechanics introduced in Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. Characters can gain Corruption points – measuring the character's sliding toward the ruinous powers of Chaos in exchange for newfound abilities – if the Commander performs selfish or inconsiderate actions (such as letting allied soldiers die in order to finish a mission easier) or if the characters use items tainted by Chaos.

An increase in Corruption points unlocks new abilities and allows the use of Corrupted equipment, much more powerful than normal items. Redemption points (that cancel Corruption points), on the other hand, grant no remarkable benefits, and wargear that award Redemption points actually have penalties when carried (to represent the character performing penance), therefore making the game harder.

The single-player campaign in Chaos Rising has several alternative endings, depending on the Corruption level of the Force Commander (protagonist) at the end of the game.



Corruption is measured on a scale of 0–24 points for each individual squad, including the Force Commander and the Librarian, although the Dreadnought is incorruptible. Corruption points can be gained by:

  • Using a Corrupted item during a mission (only that squad)
  • Performing an evil action during a mission (all deployed squads)
  • Failing to perform a good action during a mission (all deployed squads)
  • Not taking a specific squad for a specific mission (only that squad)
  • Letting a mission expire (all squads)

Each squad has a total of six new Corruption Traits that are awarded at Corruption levels 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24. If a character with enough Corruption to unlock one of these Traits later drops below the threshold required to unlock a Trait (due to gaining Redemption), then the Corruption Trait awarded by that threshold is removed.



Redemption points simply equate to removal of Corruption points, so it has no separate value or meter. Redemption points can be gained by:

  • Completing a Redeeming mission objective (all deployed squads)
  • Capturing a strategic asset (only the capturing squad)
  • Carrying a Redeeming item during a mission (only the equipped squad)
  • Using a Redeeming single-use item in the inventory screen

Each squad has a single Redemption trait that they can use when their Corruption level is 0–3. If the character's rises to 4 or more Corruption points, the trait is removed.

If a character reaches 24 Corruption points ("Lost to the Dark Gods"), the character is fully corrupted. Their Corruption scale will be locked at 24, and Redemption will have no effect.


  • 0–3: Pure in the Eyes of the Emperor
  • 4–7: Tested by the Vicissitudes of Fate
  • 8–11: Tarnished by the Grim Future
  • 12–15: Stained by the Touch of Evil
  • 16–19: Tainted by Whispers from the Warp
  • 20–23: Befouled by Chaos
  • 24: Lost to the Dark Gods