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Cold Welcome
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Argent Glacier
Briefing Commander, this is Gabriel Angelos. We have detected a Blood Ravens distress signal coming from somewhere nearby. If there are chapter brothers in need, provide support. But be wary of a trap. Angelos out.
Reward Grenade Launcher (level 18 common grenade launcher)


  • Primary Objective: Locate your other squads
  • Secondary Objective: Use Assault Jump to bypass the wall
  • Secondary Objective: Destroy the gate
  • Secondary Objective: Attack the containers to expose supplies
  • Secondary Objective: Use Avitus to engage the traitors at extreme range
  • Secondary Objective: Revive Tarkus
  • Primary Objective: Investigate the distress signal
  • Primary Objective: Neutralize the traitors' communications center
  • Primary Objective: Make for the extraction point
  • Primary Objective: Capture the beacon
  • Primary Objective: Extraction arrival in: 5:00
  • Secondary Objective: Place Avitus inside this building


The Emperor's Justice

For completing this mission, you receive the "The Emperor's Justice" achievement for 20 Gamerscore.



This is an introductory sort of mission with some tutorial elements in the beginning, but some challenging combat towards the end. There's no Speed or Resilience rating and no bonus deployments to be had, so you can relax and play it however you like.

You start at the NW corner with Force Commander and Cyrus, with the other squads scattered upon landing. If you imported a Dawn of War II save, you'll notice your equipment has changed – most of your wargear was lost with the Armageddon, and it has been a year since. You are given some basic tasks to try out fundamental abilities. Break open some crates and note the new supply item system – the drops now come in several varieties that only replenish specific types of supplies. Then move north to be blocked by Imperial Guard soldiers.

It soon turns out something is wrong with the House Vandea soldiers, and a predictable fight ensues. Disperse the Guardsmen with Assault Jump and use Cyrus to bomb the buildings. Continue west and stealth-bomb the third building with Cyrus. Just north you will find Avitus and his squad (yellow objective marker).


Note: After you complete this mission and before you deploy on A Call for Aid, you can use the "Reassign Points" button on the inventory screen to reset all skill points for any unit.

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