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This page is about Dawn of War units. For background information, see Chaos Space Marines.
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Chaos Space Marines are the evil, Warp-twisted counterpart of Imperial Space Marines. The first Astartes – fully half of their total number – turned to Chaos cirka 10,000 years ago in a cataclysmic civil war, and more have followed since. The Chaos Space Marines featured in Winter Assault are from the Blood Legion of Khorne, a warband belonging to the World Eaters Legion.

Dawn of WarEdit


Dow csm lord iconChaos LordPrimary commander
Dow csm sorcerer iconChaos SorcererSecondary commander


Heretic iconHereticBuilder unit
Dow csm cultist iconCultist SquadBasic infantry
Dow csm marine iconChaos Space MarinesRanged infantry
Dow csm raptor iconRaptor SquadJump infantry
Dow csm horror iconHorror SquadRanged daemons
Dow csm possessed iconPossessed SquadElite melee infantry
Dow csm obliterator iconObliterator SquadElite ranged infantry


Dow csm rhino iconChaos Rhino TransportTransport Vehicle
Dow csm defiler iconDefilerWalker vehicle
Dow csm predator iconChaos PredatorTank


Dow csm bloodthirster iconBloodthirsterRelic unit
Dow csm daemon prince iconDaemon PrinceDaemon


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Desecrated StrongholdEdit

  • Chaos Space Marine HQ
  • Produces Cultists, Heretics and The Chaos Sorcerer
  • Can be Upgraded to enter the next Tier
  • Provides Upgrades for Population Increass
Temple icon

Chaos TempleEdit

  • Produces Chaos Space Marines, Raptors, Khorne Bezerkers and The Chaos Lord
  • Provides Upgrades for Basic Chaos infantry

Listening Post (Chaos)Edit

Listen post icon
Plasma gen icon
  • Can be built on a strategic point to defend it.
  • Can be Upgraded twice to Produce more Power
  • Produces Requisition.

Plasma GeneratorEdit

  • Produces Power
  • Can be Upgraded twice to Produce more Power

Thermo Plasma GeneratorEdit

Thermo plasma gen icon
  • Larger Version of the Plasma Generator
  • Produces more Power than a Basic Generator

Chaos ArmouryEdit

  • Contains Upgrades for Chaos Infantry Units
    Armoury icon
  • Makes your chaos army stronger by its researches

Machine PitEdit

  • Produces Predators, Rhinos and Defilers
    Machine pit icon
  • Contains Upgrades for Chaos Vehicles

Sacrificial CircleEdit

  • Produces Possessed Chaos Space Marines and Horrors
  • Contains Upgrades for Chaos Heros
    Sacrifice icon
  • Contains Upgrades for Possessed Chaos Space Marines

Daemon PitEdit

  • Produces Obliterators, Daemon Prince and the Bloodthirster
  • Contains information to produce the Daemon Pit

Heavy Bolter Turret (Chaos)Edit

Dow csm hb turret iconHeavy Bolter TurretTurret

Mine Field (Chaos)Edit

Mine field icon
  • A field of mines that explodes if an enemy steps on it.
  • Effective on disrupting enemy units.

Winter AssaultEdit

The expansion introduced new units for the Chaos Space Marines.

Khorne BerzerkersEdit

Wa csm berzerker icon
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Heavy melee unit.
  • Quick movement speed allows Khorne Berzerkers to quickly close with enemy units.
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry.