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This page is for basic information about the Chaos Rising campaign.

Difficulty levels[]


The difficulty levels in Chaos Rising are somewhat different from Dawn of War II. The steep enemy damage bonus (up to 450% on Primarch difficulty) has been reduced, and they now have a health modifier as well.

  • Recruit – Easy
    • Enemy damage × 0.9
    • Enemy health × 0.75
  • Sergeant – Medium
    • Enemy damage × 1.0
    • Enemy health × 1.0
  • Captain – Hard
    • Enemy damage × 1.5
    • Enemy health × 1.5
  • Primarch – Legendary
    • Enemy damage × 2.0
    • Enemy health × 2.0


Mission deployments

In the Chaos Rising campaign, you only get one deployment per day. Losing or quitting a mission does not waste a deployment.

Replenishing Supplies[]

Locate supply crates throughout missions. Destroy them to reveal various types of supplies, which when picked up will replenish limited-use equipment you have equipped.

  • Medical Supplies replenish restorative items such as Stimulant Kits, Rites of Repair and Litanies of Vigor.
  • Combat Supplies replenish weaponry used in frontline combat, such as Grenades, Melta Bombs, and specialized Scout ammunition.
  • Explosive supplies replenish heavy demolition weapons such as Cyclone Missiles, Cluster Mines, and Remote Detonators.
  • Strategic Supplies replenish the powerful Signum, Rosarius, and Locator Beacon.