Biel-Tan – "Rebirth of Ancient Days" – is one of the best-known and most powerful Craftworlds of the Eldar. They are more militant than most Craftworlds and are known for employing a larger number of specialist warriors. Their symbol is the Reborn, the Eldar rune for reincarnation.

The Eldar forces featured in Dawn of War are from Biel-Tan. They also make a short appearance in Dawn of War II: Retribution.


Dow2 eld biel-tan

Biel-Tan colors.

Biel-Tan is considered more militant than other Craftworlds and numbers more Aspect Warriors and Exarchs than most. Their views are especially xenophobic and racist even for Eldar, with a particular hatred for Orks. The Eldar of Biel-Tan are the most enthusiastic about reclaiming the glory of the lost Eldar imperium and view alien colonies as vermin infesting their future staging worlds.

The warhost of Biel-Tan is called the Bahzhakhain or "Swordwind" and prefers decisive, focused surprise attacks utilizing the supreme skills of their numerous specialist Aspect Warriors. Biel-Tan has an elite all-Exarch strike force known as the Court of the Young King.



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