Dow2 aurelia pre-exterminatus

Sub-sector Aurelia before the Exterminatus of Cyrene

Aurelia is the name of both the sub-sector where the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds are located and its old capital world. Approximately 1,000 years before Dawn of War II, the planet Aurelia disappeared into the Warp, leaving Meridian as the capital world. Another important planet, Cyrene, was destroyed by an Exterminatus issued by the Imperium at a later date, another heavy blow to the Blood Ravens Chapter.

In addition to the aforementioned worlds, the sub-sector contains the planets Calderis and Typhon Primaris, and is regularly visited by a space hulk called the Judgment of Carrion.

Planet AureliaEdit

Cr aurelia

Planet Aurelia

Planet Aurelia was once a leading world in its namesake sub-sector. A millennium ago, warp storms plunged the planet into a devastating ice age, and then swallowed it whole. It was only in the past decade that it re-emerged, unleashing a host of dark secrets that were sealed within it. The traitor warbands of the Black Legion wasted no time in uncovering these secrets, ultimately unleashing the Great Daemon Ulkair, who was sealed there. It was only through the efforts of Gabriel Angelos and his men that the world was retaken, driving Ulkair back into his imprisonment. At present, several regiments of Imperial Guard are stationed there, keeping vigil over Aurelia and its dark mysteries.

Other worlds of the sub-sectorEdit

Space hulksEdit

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