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Artificer wargear poster

The Artificer Wargear Set is a bonus wargear set for Dawn of War II that was awarded for pre-ordering the game from THQ or Best Buy. The content has since been unlocked for all players, although installing the wargear set grants the included items to the player's inventory automatically.


  • "Blood Ravens Battle Standard" battle standard
  • "Scourge of Xenos" heavy bolter
  • "Purifier of Tombs" plasma gun
  • "Snarl of the Wolf" chainsword
  • "Honored Silence" sniper rifle
  • "Light of the Astronomicon" purity seal
  • "Parable of the Lion" purity seal
  • "Levis High Stratum" multiplayer map
  • Unique Chapter: "Marauders"
  • Four exclusive Army Painter colors