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Araghast the Pillager was a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion. He led the forces attacking Aurelia in Chaos Rising. Araghast was betrayed by his second-in-command, Eliphas the Inheritor, and subsequently killed by a Blood Ravens strike force led by The Force Commander.


The Black Legion warband assailing the sector is lead by Araghast the Pillager, Champion of Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. He and the restructed Eliphas the Inheritor attacked and raided several planets of the sector while battling the Blood Ravens. Araghast was eventuly confronted by the Blood Ravens during his "tests" but failed to defeat them due to Eliphas's betrayal and was Killed.


Araghast was incredibly arrogant and boasted regularly about the Blood Ravens retreating from the sector however he still showed some tactical knowledge and ability but was unable to stop Eliphas from betraying him and allowing the Blood Ravens to kill him allowing him to become the leader of the Warband.