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Map Angel Forge
Briefing Commander, the major gate in the Angel Forge defensive wall is open. The Tyranid swarm is pouring through and we also have reports that Ork looters are operating in the area. Unless the gate is closed and the enemy driven back, Angel Forge is doomed. Only the Emperor's Space Marines can seal Angel Gate.
Objectives Reactivate three generators
Close Angel Gate
Bio-Feedback Victory reduces infestation (-3)
Bonus Intelligence Eliminate Orks and Tyranids while they fight one another.
Some Imperial Guard squads may still be holding out.
Reward Plasma Cannon (level 13 rare plasma cannon)


  • Primary Objective: Reactivate three generators
  • Secondary Objective: Rescue Guardsmen (0/6)
  • Secondary Objective: Reactivate Additional Generators
  • Primary Objective: Secure the Gatehouse


Map (Angel Gate)
Dow2 minimap angel gate imperial guardsmen location