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Alpha Legion is a Traitor Legion of Chaos Space Marines. It was the 20th Legion of Imperial Space Marines and last to be discovered. As Horus had been the one to discover Alpharius, the Alpha Legion turned to Chaos shortly after their discovery and before the Horus Heresy. Their Primarch is Alpharius Omegon, believed to be still alive, or possibly two people, at least one of whom may be alive.


Dow2 csm alpha legion

A Chaos Marine wearing Alpha Legion colors

The Alpha Legion is known for their infiltration skills and intelligence manipulation, employing subtle, complex tactics. Each marine of the Alpha Legion was trained to do everything that might be required of them, forgoing specialized roles like Devestator Squad or Assault Marines. This led to a very widely skilled legion that could dedicate as many marines as was necessary to a given task. Their emblem was the many-headed Hydra, which symbolizes how the Alpha Legion can't be "beheaded" by taking out specific leaders, as another Alpha Legionnaire would simply rise up and take their place.

After the Heresy, disturbingly little is known about the Alpha Legion. They are known to be mostly fractured but, unlike other Chaos groups, do not reside in the Warp and hence aren't as prone to mutation. They have been declared completely eradicated three times, but resurfaced each time.

There is a theory that the Alpha Legion is, or at least once was, a group of Imperial Loyalists infiltrating other Chaos forces.

Notable members[]

Alpha Legion in the Dawn of War games[]

The Alpha Legion has been featured heavily as the Chaos Space Marine faction in the games, namely Dawn of War, Dawn of War: Soulstorm and Dawn of War II: Retribution. The Alpha Legion differ heavily from the general depiction in the official Games Workshop background. Except for the slightly more cunning tactics employed by Sindri Myr (using Orks as a distraction while they pursued their true goals on Tartarus), the Legion operates in a highly blunt fashion similar to other Chaos forces.